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P-Boost is a Phosphorus booster that is 100% soluble in water and will not produce any residues. P-Boost contains organic acids and can also help to adjust pH-down for water in your reservoir.

P-Boost is organo-mineral product that improves blooming processes and stimulates the production of proteins, plant hormones and vitamins.



Plants have a large demand for Nitrogen during the vegetative or growth phase. N-Boost is a source of organic concentrated Nitrogen and left-turning amino acids. It’s fully water-soluble and leaves no residues.

N-Boost is an organic product that stands out for the bioavailability of the growth-promoting substances. N-Boost has a powerful stimulating effect on the growth process and it also stimulates the soil. N-Boost gives you optimal support during the growth without risks of clogging.



Enzym+ is a powerful blend of enzymes that have different functions. Enzymes keep the root surface clean, remove dead organic matter and root residues, transform accumulated or saturated salts into usable plant nutrients and stabilize EC in the grow medium. This improves the plant’s natural ability to absorb more nutrients while avoiding nutrient build up in the medium that can cause lock up and pathogen problems in the root system.



Topbooster is a combination of a bloom and maturation stimulator. It is 100% organic with active ingredients that stimulate plant flowering response. The stimulation provided by the active ingredients produce larger fruit with more fibres, resin and sugars, which increase the quality of the end product. Topbooster helps improve the natural flavours while enhancing the appearance of your product.

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Wedding Gelato is het resultaat van een liefdesverhouding die goed heeft uitgepakt. Geen gevecht over wie de dominante soort is. Wedding Gelato combineert al het beste van haar ouders in een sterke en smaakvolle hijs. Adem Gelato’s smaak van sacharine in en de kruidige vleugjes van Wedding Cake uit.


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