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The 5% CBD Hemp oil is not too strong and delivers a mid-strength dose. This makes it an ideal addition to any supplement routine for both experienced CBD oil users and newcomers. Delivering all the powerful benefits of CBD oil with all the rich nutrients of hemp, this super star oil is the perfect balance to boost your day. Complimentary to all lifestyles, the many benefits of 5% CBD Hemp oil include antioxidants, omegas 3 and 6 alongside amino acids and plant-based proteins.

As with all Mister Maka CBD oils, all products are made without preservatives or chemicals, so you can be reassured that all products are natural and made with the purest ingredients. All full spectrum CBD oils from Mister Maka are completely laboratory tested and do not come with any of the side effects associated with using THC, which is the psychoactive causing ingredient. This makes them ideal to take at any time of the day and won’t interfere with any of your usual everyday activities.

This product is available in 20% CBD Hemp Seed oil, making it even easier to find the right dose and strength that matches your needs and lifestyle. It is recommended to shake the bottle before use and place the dropper under the tongue. Dispense the dosage as suggested on the bottle and hold in the mouth for a minute before swallowing.


In modern life, there can be many reasons why sleep cycles become disrupted. Stress, diet and too much blue light from screens can interrupt the body’s melatonin levels. As CBD oil alone is a great pain reliever and helps lessen the feelings of anxiety, it naturally makes a fantastic choice for a more calming bedtime routine. CBD oil in small doses can have a recharging effect, giving you an energy boost. So for the best sleep results, so it is important to take it in the correct dosage. The Power Sleep is a mix of the right amount of CBD, Melatonin, and valerian what makes it an excellent alternative to traditional sleeping aids to treat insomnia and gain powerful sleep.

The Power Sleep liquid can also help your body stay asleep for longer. This means that the CBD is able to reach the body’s cells at the highest concentration possible, to ensure sustained benefits. The Power Sleep liquid is easy to dispense thanks to the dropper bottle applicator.

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